Workshops, Classes and Tutorials

New for 2023 - Video Workshops Part 1- Ideas and Inspiration, come and leaf through my sketchbooks and get an insight into how I develop ideas, 30 minutes Part 2- Impressions and Construction, top tips on how to construct a square based vase and rummage through my tool box, 30 minutes Part 3- Slips and Surfaces, Find out how I create my surface decoration through stencils, scrafitto and sponging, 1 hour

Video Workshops

I offer a range of classes and workshops from my beautiful studio in SW France. Come and immerse yourself in creativity, discover new skills and meet like-minded people over a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake. For any enquiries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly or visit my Facebook 'Atelier de Sansoulet' page for up to date information or Instagram for photos of what goes on.


  • For those of you who want a creative break or an indulgent retreat I offer Immersive 5 day courses. Come and spend a working week in my studio learning new skills, techniques and top tips. 350€ per person based on 5 sharing the studio. Courses for 2024 are filling up fast and I have limited availability, contact me directly if you would like to join. The available dates for 2024 are...
  • March 18th-22nd
  • April 22nd-26th
  • May 27th-1st June FULL
  • September 23rd-27th FULL


"Mollie's art classes are a revelation...She is generous with her time and is always ready to give feedback.

Ellen Rugen and Keith Ross, FR

"What a wonderful bunch of people! Thanks so much everyone for a fantastic week of happy potting...especially Mollie for making it all hapen and giving us free reign of her beautiful studio"

Jo Penn, UK

"I feel I have learnt so much already so a big thankyou for all your time putting lessons together, marking work with constructive comments and 'fun fridays! Please keep up the good work!"

Lucy Van Royen, FR

"I have thought positive thoughts from our first lesson !!... Truly !I came out of the first class feeling so energized and thinking this is just what I need  and have unconsciously been looking for."

P.Seris. FR

"A wonderful week. Great company and a fantastic teacher in Mollie""

Guy, FR